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Hall of Fame Stats


Date Time City/State Tournament Entry Fee Winner Pro Division

Winner APA Division

Course Rounds
 June 21 8:00 Hope Mills, NC $ 10,000 PPA Legends Diamond Jubilee Cup $150/$25 Greg Newport - (199) Zach Martin - (232) 8
June 22 8:00 Hope Mills, NC
August 2 8:30 Charlottesville, VA $ 10,000 PPA Hall of Fame Classic $150/$25  Jeffrey Smith - (209) Joey Graybeal - (233) 8
August 3 8:30 Charlottesville, VA    
Sept 28 Lake Charles, LA PPA National Doubles Brice Bergesen & Joe Lea Sharkey Cox & Alan Sahmel 3
Sept 30 Lake Charles, LA $ 10,000 PPA Tournament Players Championship  Bill Kirby Jr - (99) Randal Smith - (103) 4
Oct 1-2 Lake Charles, LA PPA Seniors National Championship Jeffrey Smith - (195) 8
Oct 1-2 Lake Charles, LA APA Seniors National Championship Randal Smith - (209) 8
Oct 1-3 Lake Charles, LA $ 50,000 PPA National Championship Jeffrey Smith - (291)

Lake Charles, LA APA  National Championship Mike Johnson - (314) 12




2014 National Program



$50,000 PPA National Championship Highlights 2014 Season

      LYNCHBURG, Va. - A PPA deja vu tournament program with prize monies of $80,000, including a $50,000 PPA National Championship with a five-digit first-place prize, a $10,000 PPA Tournament Players Championship, a $10,000 PPA Legends Diamond Jubilee Cup and the $10,000 PPA Hall of Fame Classic, highlights the 2014 Professional Putters Association/Amateur Putters Association season.
     “One of our greatest season tours was in 1963, when then PPA National Tournament Director Dale Brady announced the $50,000 PPA National Championship on behalf of the Putt-Putt Fun Centers National Board of Directors, with a first-place prize of $10,000 that drew 231 professionals and 67 amateurs to North Olmsted, Ohio, and was won by Johnny Spotts of Indianapolis, Ind.,” says Joe Aboid, 58, the PPA National Tournament Director. “Our PPA National Tournament board of directors was thrilled with the success of our 2013 PPA National Championship held in Burlington, N.C., and because of the enthusiasm of our PPA and APA players there, the board decided to return to one of our sport's grandest moments in history with this year's program.”
     It is a season based on the past, and one looking to the future.
     “In this, our 60th anniversary, we turned to a PPA board of directors who not only have a lifetime of knowledge about the Putt-Putt franchise system, but a passion for the sport of putting,” said David Callahan, chief executive officer and president of Putt-Putt LLC, which is based in Winston-Salem, N.C. “The board understands and recognizes that our Putt-Putt Fun Center owners, managers and employees are the lifeblood of our franchise system, and have been for 60 years. And those members of the Professional Putters Association and the Amateur Putters Association have been a proud part of us for 55 years, and we could not be more pleased in joining with the PPA National Board of Directors in announcement of the 2014 PPA/APA Season Tour.”
     PPA and APA membership applications are requested to be on file at PPA Headquarters in Lynchburg, Va. by March 15, 2014, with all players indicating tournament-participation intent, according to the PPA National Board of Directors. Applications are subject to review, and members will be notified of acceptance on proputters.org or by email inquiry to the PPA Commissioner or the PPA National Board of Directors. Aboid added that PPA Northern, Southern, Southwest, Virginia and Indiana regional tour schedules are being reviewed by the PPA National Board of Directors, and will be finalized and announced in January. 
Click here to download 2014 PPA/APA application, to view the rule book and  prize money breakdown.

$10,000 PPA Legends Diamond Jubilee Cup

     The 2014 PPA season is scheduled to begin on June 21-22 with the $10,000 PPA Legends Diamond Jubilee Cup at the flagship Putt-Putt Fun Center in Hope Mills, a suburb of Fayetteville, N.C., and just 8 miles from where the late founder Don Clayton opened the first franchise on June 21, 1954.
     “The two-day, 144-hole medal play event includes a countdown to the sport's top 60 players in PPA players history,” Aboid said. “We will announce the 60th player on June 21, and identify each player daily on the PPA website, proputters.org, and conclude with announcement of the No. 1 player in history at the PPA National Championship. The PPA will be revealing the top 60 PPA players of all time based on a vote of 13 of the game's most respected players, and all who have a keen knowledge of PPA history that encompasses 55 years of PPA tournaments through participation, organization and other contributions.”
     Among the 105 nominees are:
     Vance Randall, Neil Connor, Dick and Evelyn Florin, Ron Frederick, Jim Borchelt, Jimmy Harritos, Mike Baldoza, Ed Haggerty, Greg Ward, Rick Smith, Daryl Freeman, Ray Browning, Ken Boy, Roger Beckerman, Kevin Lacy, Andy Coradini, Mark Coup, Buddy Taylor, Eugene Carter, Lewis Burton, Alan Quinnelly, Jeff Estep, Eddie Coy, Randy Deloach, John Connor, Mike Brown, Brice Bergensen, Joel Baker, Gary English, Rick Baird, David Gies, Earl Fritts, Bobby Gilmore, Charles Gatewood, Herman Strickland, Tracy Moore, Charles McIntosh, Frank Holt, Bob Williamson, Steve Haeseker, Steve Guyton, Jay Klapper, Robert Johnson, Brad Lebo, Carl Strickland, John Roessner, Gary Love, Bill Kirby Jr., Bob Lipscomb, Cliff Matthews, John Bambling, Ralph Sapp, Lee Weldy, Rainey Statum, Frank Warren, Robert Smith, Randy Reeves, Condy Roberson, Marc Portugal, Ron Nixon, Greg Newport, Gary Miller, Roger Moore , Ray Miller, Bob Duncan, Pat Youmans, Lehman Key, Chuck Schafer, Dean Dwiggins and Dan Anders.

$10,000 PPA Hall of Fame Classic

     The $10,000 PPA Hall of Fame Classic is scheduled for Aug. 2-3 at the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Charlottesville, Va., where Putt-Putt Fun Center franchise owner Lloyd Wood, 78, will be inducted as the 47th member of the PPA Hall of Fame.
     The PPA Hall of Fame Player Category is under consideration.
     “I'm overwhelmed,” said Wood, who began construction of his first Putt-Putt Fun Center on June 10, 1959 on Hydrolic Road and later moved the franchise in 1966 to its current location on Rio Road. “I am honored to even have been considered for the PPA Hall of Fame.
     “I love Putt-Putt.
     “It has been a great business for me and my family for so long."
     Wood managed Putt-Putt Fun Centers in Richmond, Va., while a student at the University of Richmond before becoming a franchise owner.
     “My first association with the Professional Putters Association came back in, I believe it was, 1961,” Wood said. “I was in Fayetteville, N.C. at the home office meeting with Mr. Don Clayton. He convinced me to host a $1,000 PPA tournament on my course. I was hesitant to commit to that, but Mr. Clayton guaranteed me the tournament would be a success. And, he was right. Since then I have enjoyed hosting tournaments whenever I have been asked and look forward to seeing the players that play our game. They are a good group of people."
     And his Rio Road facility will offer a challenge to every competitor at the $10,000 PPA Hall of Fame Classic.
     “If ever there has been a test of putting skills, it is this course built by Lloyd Wood in 1966,” said Bill Baus, 63, the PPA Pros-Players Chairman. “And Lloyd Wood is a former Putt-Putt Fun Center Board of Directors member who always embraced PPA and APA competitions with open arms along with franchise owners such as Howard Loy, Jack Seaton, Jim Black, Todd Lecka, Harold Barnett, Jocko Dively, Ed Haddad and Phil Aboid. He will be inducted into the PPA Hall of Fame Executive Category, and this induction is long overdue for this time-honored franchise owner who has dedicated his life to the franchise system, the sport and his beloved city of Charlottesville, Virginia.”  Lloyd F. Wood Named 2012 Chamber Volunteer Award

$50,000 PPA National Championship

     The season concludes Sept. 30-Oct. 4 with the 54th PPA National Championship, a three-day and 12-round marathon at the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Lake Charles, La.
     “He would be beaming with pride,” said Greg Simpson, co-owner and general manager of the franchise that was purchased in 1960 by his late father, 1998 PPA Hall of Famer Al Simpson.
     Al Simpson was a charter member of the PPA, winner of the 1965 Fort Worth Open, 1966 Waco Open, 1968 Port Arthur Open, 1971 Lake Charles Open, 1971, 1975, 1986 Gulf Coast Tournament of Champions and 1986 Louisiana State Championship. He was honored as the 1981 Putt-Putt Fun Center Owner of the Year and served as the 2002 PPA Commissioner.
    “He would already be thinking of how to make the 2014 PPA National Championship the very best it can be for the players,” Greg Simpson said. “Now that we know the 2014 PPA National Championship Week will be in Lake Charles, we will move forward with several ideas to create a memorable event and energize the community.”
     Simpson said he and his family, all who will attend the championship, are already in the planning stages for PPA National Championship Week.
     “We are looking at welcome bags for each participant with a local Cajun theme,” Simpson said. “Tours for those that travel to our area, prizes for a perfect 18. We have had a 19 shot three times on Course 2 in the last few years by Wade Sahmel, Mike Baldoza, and last year Jesse Hebert did it in his first ever event as an APA member. We also are planning a cookout with a Cajun menu, a charity event and a car show or mini-parade. We are a long way from finalizing any of this, but we hope to do so as soon as possible in anticipation of this great event that we are so proud to host.”
     Matt McCaslin of Raleigh, N.C. won the 2013 PPA National Champions in Burlington with rounds of 24-23-23-23-27-28-29-26 – 203, 85 under par, to take the top prize of $3,000. Kevin Lacy of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Greg Newport of York, S.C. shared second at 205, each winning $1,000. Joey Graybeal of Bristol, Tenn., won the 2013 APA National Championship with a 214 total, 74 under par, for a one-stroke victory over David Meyers of High Point, N.C. and Ben Blake of Waynesville, N.C.

PPA Seniors National Championship

      The 2014 PPA Seniors National Championship will be staged over the first two days and eight rounds of the PPA National Championship.
      Frank Warren of Martinez, Ga., won the 2013 PPA National Championship Seniors title with scores of 24-25-25-25-27 – 126. Chris Chafin if High Point, N.C., was second at 129. Larry Smith of Birmingham, Ala., took the 2013 APA National Seniors crown with rounds of 29-26-30-26-25 – 136, and a one-stroke victory over Randal Smith of Greensboro, N.C.

$10,000 PPA Tournament Players Championship

     The PPA National Championship Week will include the $10,000 PPA Tournament Players Championship, which was won in 2013 by Frank Warren with rounds of 24-25-25-25 – 99, 45 under par. Nate Nichols of Columbus, Ind., and Manfred Stewart of Richmond, Va., were second at 100. Ray Guthrie of Thomasville, N.C., won the APA division with scores of 29-24-29-26 – 108, 36 under par, to slip past Randal Smith and John Kropinak, both at 110.

PPA Charity Pro-Ams

     Charity pro-ams , Aboid said, will be identified for all events at later dates.
     “Coming off a successful 2013 season, in which we raised over $10,000 for charity, and in which we crowned three relative youngsters as our major champions, I am anxiously looking forward to the 2014 season,” Baus, the PPA Pros Players chairman, said. “Thanks to the generosity and belief in our sport shown by David McCollister and his enterprises, we will be playing for a much larger prize fund than in the near past. I hope that all of our membership, professionals and amateurs alike, will continue to support the PPA this season.”
The PPA and APA raised more than $10,000 for charities in 2013, with The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis receiving $2,500 at the charity pro-am at the $10,000 PPA Western Open, $2,500 for the Fairhaven Foundation to assist developmentally disabled  children and adults at the $10,000 PPA Northern Open in Warren, Ohio, and $6,000 for the Alamance Regional Charitable Foundation at the $30,000 PPA National Championship in Burlington, N.C.